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2009 KCN visits to Hong Kong and Cyprus

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology IAS Distinguished Speakers Series Molecules That Changed The World by Prof. K.C. Nicolaou

KCN honored with the 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award by Lampousa,
a Cypriot American Association representing his Cyprus home town of Karavas.

KCN with his uncle Aristides Demetriou (born 1910) a barber-hairdresser who ran his salon in New York City until 2006! Many Columbia University chemistry students (and countless others) were his happy clients. Euripides Kontos, another relative of KCN, is in the background. He was the founder of the Appollo Phillo Company.

This photo was taken at the Lampousa Dinner Dance in New Jersey on November 14, 2009.

Lampousa Brochure (download pdf)



The KCN Lab has sponsored and participated in various events throughout the year. Click on the following links for a snapshot of these events. We hope you enjoy and look forward to more pictures in the future!

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