Chemical Biology

Targeted Therapy with a Novel Enediyne Antibiotic Calicheamicin γ1I

Biology of Alkannin, Shikonin and Related Naphthazarin Natural Products

Synthesis and Biological Activities of Eleutherobin, Sarcodictyins A and B and Designed Analogs

Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Nonpeptide Integrin Antagonists

Calicheamicin Oligosaccharide Dimers

Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Carbohydrate-Based Mimetics of cRGDFV

Synthesis and Biological Properties of Epothilone Analogs

The Chemical End-Ligation of Homopyrimidine Oligodeoxyribonucleotides within a DNA Triple Helix

Calicheamicin-Induced DNA Damage

Investigation of the Binding and Activity in Neuronal Sodium Channels of the Brevetoxins and Designed Analogs

Balanol Analogs Synthesised and Biologically Evaluated

Characterization of a Binding Site for Chemically Synthesized Lipo-Oligosaccharide NodRm Factors in Particulate Fractions Prepared from Roots

The Chemical Biology of C-Ring Aryl Taxoids

Synthesis of DNA-Binding Oligosaccharides

Design and Synthesis of a Rapamycin-Based High Affinity Binding FKBP12 Ligand

Carbonucleotides: New Carbohydrate Oligomers

Fluorescent Taxoids

Biological Evaluation of Cyclotheonamides A and B

Chemical Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of C-2 Taxoids

Further Studies of the Binding Specificity of the Leukocyte Adhesion Molecule, L-Selection Toward Sulphated Oligosaccharides

In vivo Efficacy of Novel Synthtic Enediynes
A Water-Soluble Prodrug of Taxol with Self-Assembling Properties

Antiproliferative Effects of Designed Enediynes on AIDS-Derived Kaposi's Sarcoma Cells

Redox-Controlled Bergman Cycloaromatization. Designed Enediynes with DNA-Cleaving Properties and Antitumor Activity

Synthetic Calicheamicin Mimics with Novel Initiation Mechanism

Conformation of a Water-Soluble Derivative of Taxol in Water by 2D-NMR Spectroscopy

Total Synthesis of Truncated Brevetoxin B [AFGHIJK] for the Examination of its Binding Potential to the Brevetoxin B Receptor

Calicheamicin γ1I: A Rationally Designed Molecule with Extremely Potent and Selective DNA-Cleaving Properties and Apoptosis-Inducing Activity

Chemical Self-Replication of Palindromic Duplex DNA

Design, Synthesis and Biological Activity of Protaxols

Molecular Design, Chemical Synthesis, Kinetic Studies, Calculations and Biological Studies of Novel Enediynes Equipped with Triggering, Detection, and Deactivating Devices. Model Dynemicin A Epoxide and cis-Diol Systems

De novo Design and Synthesis of Somatostatin Non-Peptide Peptidomimetics Utilizing b-D-Glucose as a Novel Scaffolding

Synthesis and Biological Actions of Optically Active Enediynes Related to Dynemicin A

Cell Specific Regulation of Apoptosis by Designed Enediynes

A New Designed Tumor Selective Daunomycin Derivative

Total Synthesis and Biological Evaluations of Calicheamicin-Dynemicin Hybrid Molecules

Dynemicin Model Systems Equipped with N-Tethered Triggering Devices

Molecular Design and Chemical Synthesis of Potent Enediynes

Design, Synthesis, and Study of Simple Monocyclic Conjugated Enediynes

Redox-Controlled Bergman Cycloaromatizations – Designed Enediynes with DNA-Cleaving Properties and Antitumor Activity

10-Membered Ring Enediynes with Remarkable Chemical and Biological Profiles

Ca2+ Mobilization with Leukotriene A4 and Epoxytetraenes in Human Neutrophils

Golfomycin A, a Novel Designed Molecule with DNA-Cleaving Properties and Antitumor Activity

DNA Cleavage and Antitumor Activity of Designed Molecules with Conjugated Phosphine Oxide-Allene-Ene-Yne Functionalities

Selectivity and Mechanism of Action of Novel DNA-Cleaving Sulfones

pH-Dependent DNA Cleavage by Propargylic and Allenic Sulfones

Synthesis of 19,19,20,20,20-Pentadeuterolipoxin A4Methyl Ester and 19,19,20,20,20-Pentadeuterioarachidonic Acid. Agents for Use in the Quantitative Detection of Naturally Occurring Eicosanoids

Total Synthesis of Novel Geometric Isomers of Lipoxin A4 and Lipoxin B4

Platelet-Activating Factor (PAF) Antagonistic Actions of Two New Analogs of Tetrahydrofurans

Evaluation of Synthetic Sphingosine, Lysosphingolipids and Glycosphingolipids as Inhibitors of Functional Responses of Human Neutrophils

Coronary Vasoactivity of Four 7,13-Bridged Analogs of Arachidonic Acid

Synthesis and Vascular Actions of an Arachidonic Acid Ethylene-Diamino-Triethyl Ester (AA-EDTA) Derivative

Biological Aspects of Lipoxin A and Lipoxin B

Differential Effects of 20-Trifluoromethyl Leukotriene B4 on Human Neutrophil Functions



Summaries of Research Accomplishments

Total Synthesis


Chemical Biology

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