ACS Symposium September 6-11, 2003

KCN and Prof. Shibasaki

Scott, Madeleine Joullie, and KCN at the Wiley-VCH booth book signing festivities

Madeleine Joullie and KCN

Scott and KCN signing

Erik Sorensen, Harry Wasserman, Madeleine Joulie, and KCN

KCN proudly accepting the Tetrahedron Prize Medal from Leon Ghosez

KCN in Times Square

Dinner with Prof. Katz and wife with friend making dessert

Prof. Shibasaki, T. Oshima, KCN, and Scott at Estiatorio-Milos

Scott, KCN, and Prof. Grubbs at the Wiley-VCH reception

Scott Snyder

Prof. Overman and wife with KCN

Jack Roberts and KCN

Scott and KCN signing

Book Signing

Book Signing

Book Signing

Book Signing

The New Classics in Total Synthesis II

KCN and Prof. Grubbs

Prof. Danishefsky, Scott, and KCN

Prof. Danishefsky, Peter Goelitz, and KCN



The KCN Lab has sponsored and participated in various events throughout the year. Click on the following links for a snapshot of these events. We hope you enjoy and look forward to more pictures in the future!

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